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  • Pure SSD Storage
    Our hosting plans are powered by the latest SSD drives along with enterprise grade branded hardware from Supermicro and Dell all located inside our top tier datacenter in Pune.

    Our hosting nodes run on the best SSDs available on the market today. SSDs are up to 100x faster than your normal drives. Our Pure SSD based storage offers lower latency, 100s more IOPS than standard SATA drives ensuring constant maximum performance for your sites and web applications at all times.

    CloudLinux Powered
    All our reseller hosting servers run the latest and greatest security tools along with CloudLinux, our own automated realtime malware scanner and unlimited free ssl certificates, we are always on top of the same when it comes to security. Your website is in safe hands with us.

    Nginx + LiteSpeed API
    Nginx + LiteSpeed API is a high performance webstack replacement for the Apache webserver. It is multitude times faster than Apache and processes PHP 50% faster and 9x better performance for SSL. This ensures that your website loads at blazing speeds, at all times.
    SSL Certificate
    If you are accepting payments online or collecting any sensitive information from your users, you should be using a SSL Certificate. A SSL Certificate secures the communication between your website and the user by encrypting the data transferred. This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to. This protects it from hackers and identity thieves.

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